The Platform works with representatives of member networks and with UNESCO offices to build greater recognition of its networks and to serve as a channel for information to and between members.

Tracking country reports

The Platform monitored the African country report submissions to UNESCO in preparation for CONFINTEA VI based on criteria like:

activities-in-africa Time - the encouragement of respecting deadlines to ensure that there was enough time to draw up the Global Report; Participation - the encouragement of all necessary actors to contribute to the reports, particularly those of civil society and Quality - the guarantee that the report provided reliable information on the state of adult education in the countries concerned. The Platform works with representatives of member networks and with UNESCO offices to facilitate its visibility and serve as a channel for information toand between members.

Producing the Platform report on the state of Adult Education in Africa

The Platform made use of the documents (activity/evaluation reports etc.) existing among the four networks and developed questionnaires to obtain additional information to produce the report. An outline plan for the report was first developed and shared with the networks, for their suggestions and endorsement. A draft of the African Platform report was then presented at the CONFINTEA VI preparatory meeting in Nairobi in November 2008.

The campaign for the wide participation of African civil society in CONFINTEA VI

A campaign plan was developed in collaboration with ANCEFA, FEMNET, PAALAE and PAMOJA in preparation for the preparatory meeting in Nairobi and for CONFINTEA VI itself. The mobilization of resources enabling this campaign to proceed will occur concurrently.


Preparing the logistics for FISC and CONFINTEA VI

The coordinating body in Bamako worked hard to ensure that all the network members attending FISC and CONFINTEA VI had booked their flights and had hotel accommodation in Belem. It also prepared an exhibition of the network's activities for CONFINTA VI. Find a report about the exhibition on the CONFINTEA page.

Preparing an Advocacy Document for Belem via a Virtual Seminar

In preparation for CONFINTEA VI, the four networks of the Platform(ANCEFA, FEMNET, PAALAE and PAMOJA) discussed the major documents to be presented in Belem. The overall goal of the virtual seminar was to consolidate our position on adult education and learning which we advocate at the national, regional and international levels. This enabled our representatives to have a common understanding of the issues which were the basis of our lobbying efforts during CONFINTEA VI.

At the end of the virtual seminar, the Platform produced a succinct advocacy document which was distributed in Belem. This advocacy document covered a synthesis of our deliberations and our main points of advocacy.

class-activities-in-africa-2 The virtual seminar occurred in four phases. The first phase from 28 September to 10 October was the preparatory phase, giving participants time to read 5 documents related to CONFINTEA VI, which are available on the CONFINTEA page of this website. The second phase from 11 October till 25 October involved responding to questions in order to determine the main points of advocacy in Belem. The final phase, from 26 October to 20 November called for ideas about how best to follow-up and monitor the decisions reached at Belem so that we are not faced with the same problems at CONFINTEA VII. After a draft of the advocacy document was prepared, it was forwarded to all the participants for final comments.

General Assembly Meeting, Post-Belem

We are in the process of organizing the next General Assembly meeting in Addis Ababa in February 2010. This general assembly will dedicate itself to organizational issues like devising further strategic objectives, membership issues and how to make the Platform more democratic in structure.