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1-4 December 2009

The conference, planned initially for 19-22 May, was postponed till December after the breakout of H1N1 in Brazil.


The overall thrust of the Sixth International Conference on Adult Education (CONFINTEA VI) in Belém Pará Brazil, was to draw attention to the contribution of adult learning and education to sustainable development, which includes social, economic, ecological and cultural dimensions. The themes of the conference included policies, structures and financing for adult learning and education; inclusion and participation; the quality of adult learning and education; literacy and other key competencies; and poverty eradication. It brought together government officials from UNESCO member states, United Nations agencies, cooperation agencies among countries, civil society organizations, the private sector and learners from around the world.

The conference only takes place every 12 years so much preparation went into preparing for this conference. The Platform has been involved in drawing up a number of advocacy documents, many of which can be found below. It has also ensured that the representatives of the four networks it coordinates were able to attend the conference in December. Links to the CONFINTEA VI website, the final advocacy document of the Platform and other ones to which it contributed.