Overall Aim: To establish an African civil society capable of taking part in or influencing decisions concerning preoccupations and challenges in the field of Youth and Adult Education. Specific objectives are:


To organise and strengthen African Civil Society in its networking and advocacy activities to promote Youth and Adult Education.

To strengthen partnerships between governments, intergovernmental organisations and bilateral and multilateral structures concerning questions linked to Youth and Adult Education.

To participate in and contribute to the reorganisation of global civil society through partnership and collaboration with other regions.

To prepare the contribution of African Civil Society to CONFINTEA VI in Brazil.

South-Africa-001 To promote the quantitative and qualitative representation of African Civil Society and governments at CONFINTEA VI in Brazil.

To reinforce advocacy activities concerning laws regulating the quality of Youth and Adult Education; improving the status of literacy facilitators; increasing resources available for Youth and Adult Education; creating synergies to move towards a multi-sectoral approach.

To mobilise the resources needed to achieve the above objectives.