The Platform has developed documents that will serve as a reference for the mobilisation of human, financial and material resources.
Some funding has been agreed upon and negotiations are underway with other financial potential partners.

Dvv international provides financial and technical support to the Platform, including space in its Bamako office.
HQ: Obere Wilhelmstr 32, 53225 Bonn
West Africa Regional Office
Esther Hirsch (regional representative)
B.P.6684, Conakry, Guinea

Mali country office, (where the Platform is housed):
Modièré Diakité (national representative)
Bacodjicoroni Rue 614 porte 600, BP E 409, Bamako Mali

International Council for Adult Education (ICAE)supported the establishment of the platform.

Open Society Institute (OSI) provides financial support.

Open Society Institute Southern Africa (OSISA), a financial partner -

UNESCO's Institute for Lifelong Learning (UIL) is a working partner.

Oxfam GB, a technical and working partner.